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PPOV (Personal Point Of View) starts with a simple notion: Point Of View is always personal. We like to think that there is the conservative POV and the liberal POV, the American POV and the not American POV, the human POV and the inhuman POV, the wrong POV and my Point Of View. The reality is that as of May 2018, there are 7.62 billion points of view and, although they overlap with each other, each is unique. What’s more, for each of us, there is only our personal point of view (PPOV).


It’s a popular sport to make the claim that we are fully in sync with the POV of others and are thus able to understand and experience reality from their point of view. We empathize with them and their circumstances, feel their pain and joy, and are able to make choices and decisions as if they were making them for themselves. That’s why we are most qualified to be their Governor, their Congress person, their financial advisor, their lawyer, their doctor, their friend in high places.


To play the game, put yourself in any position of authority, control, influence, or power in relation to someone else and then justify your position. The only rule is that you cannot make any claim that your POV is superior to theirs or that you understand their POV better than they do. Above all, you must never hold or convey a smart me vs. not so smart you assumption.


At, podcast episodes and blog posts consider current events, family and other personal relationships, leadership and management, philosophy and personal values, and any other topic or circumstance that seems prime for a close look at the personal points of view that are — or perhaps should be — driving that particular train.


If you are naturally curious, like to argue and pick at the ideas and opinions of others, enjoy exploring new ideas and other perspectives, and are comfortable enough with your Personal Point Of View (PPOV) to be open to the PPOV of others, give the Personal Point Of View podcast a try. You will likely be able to tell fairly quickly whether more of it is for you. If so, you can easily subscribe on your podcast player or at


Thanks and best wishes. I hope you choose to join me on this journey of discovery and exploration of the myths, mysteries, and opportunities accessible to each of us, all be it from our Personal Point Of View.


If you want to contact the site, please e-mail I am Gary Crow, the host of the PPOV podcast. I am retired from a career starting in mental health and substance abuse and ending as Executive Director of a moderately large child welfare agency, working with abused and neglected children. I hold a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in social work and have written several professional and general market books on related topics. You may review the e-book and paperback editions of many of my books on If you require additional information, please let me know by e-mail.