Fifty-Two Skidoo: Thought Snacks…
Fifty-Two Skidoo: Thought Snacks

Fifty-Two Skidoo is a thought journey through a world of ideas and notions that focus on areas that most of us usually don’t spend much time thinking about. Are you old yet? Will you drink to that? Who is an artist? Does believing make it true?

The collection includes fifty-two little essays that focus on areas from important life questions to more mundane concerns such as who’s boring whom and how to balance your complaint account. Add these thought snacks to ponderable issues such as, “Do you dance?” and “Is it ok to go along to get along,” and you have plenty to think about when there is nothing much else to do.

Do you sometimes ponder whether to exercise or not exercise, if you would be better off with a cat or a dog, or what’s up with the other driver? If these issues can hold your attention for a few minutes now and then, Fifty-Two Skidoo is definitely for you. If instead you are thinking, “So what?” you may want to move on to something you find more interesting. But for those of us who can’t help pondering some about things most folks find of little to no interest, Fifty-Two Skidoo is just the little book we have been looking for. Sit back, relax and enjoy.