The Council Kids Emerge
The Council Kids Emerge: A Fantasy Novel for Young Readers

Have you ever had one of those weeks when things just don’t go the way you want them to go? It was a week like that for JimJim. He was sitting on his bed, feeling bored. He was in timeout for the seventh time that week.

JimJim heard a voice. It was a low whisper. “JimJim, my good friend, we need to talk.”

JimJim felt a little shiver. He looked slowly around his room. He thought, “Who is talking to me? I’m not going to be scared or any of that baby stuff. This is my room. I’m sitting on my bed. There isn’t anyone else in this room.”

Very carefully, JimJim looked behind himself. “This is way too weird,” he thought. “There is no one here. I’m the only person in my room. There is no one else here.”

“I’m right here. You are looking at me. What do you see?”

“I only see a poster on my wall. That is impossible. There isn’t supposed to be any poster on my wall. I don’t even have a poster. It can’t be on my wall, no way.”

That’s where JimJim’s adventure began. He was just a regular kid feeling bored and in timeout again. A mysterious voice from a place far away and hidden by the shadows quietly slipped into JimJim’s world and everything changed. JimJim’s boring life would never be the same.

Poof! Let’s jump ahead. JimJim had been a Council Kid for a while. To be exact, it had been five weeks. The time had passed quickly for JimJim. It didn’t feel like it had been over a month but it had. The time had definitely flown by for him.

Some good things were happening. He was getting much better at concentrating and thought-zapping.

Whenever JimJim saw a kid who was doing some stuff that would get a timeout, he concentrated. He thought-zapped. The kid stopped doing whatever was about to get a timeout.

It was cool when it worked and it worked most of the time. But for a few days, it hadn’t been working so well.

Yes, JimJim became a Council Kid with amazing new abilities and powers but not all went smoothly. Having special powers and knowing about the Council and the Council Kids are definitely not easy or something just any kid can handle.

Is being a Council Kid for you? Are you up to the adventure? JimJim and his Council friends sure hope so.

The Council Kids Emerge is a fantasy novel for young readers. It is most appropriate for children who are not quite ready for complex, emotionally intense literature but who enjoy a good story that develops quickly and moves through a fantasy world to a most satisfying conclusion. It is a comfortable fit for most third through fifth grade readers.