Three Steps To Success
Three Steps To Success: Self-help for Young Readers

To succeed at home, with friends, at school and in life, you need the right skills and tools to get the job done. You learn most of what you need to succeed from your parents, teachers and other trusted adults. But a lot of what you need to know comes from you and from you taking charge of your success.

Three Steps To Success includes three sections for your personal success toolbox: The Friend Factory, The Yes Bank and The Success Train. In the three sections, you learn about the skills you need to be a great friend picker and being a good friend, how to get people to usually say, “Yes!” when you ask for something or when you want something, and the secrets to being successful at most of what you try and do. With your new toolbox, you will have all of the tools to be totally terrific at friendship, spectacular at being charming and ready to always say, “Yes!” to your success.

Is this book right for you? If you are at least in the fourth grade, this book definitely works for you. If you are younger but a really good reader, this book works for you. If you are in high school, this book will probably seem a little too much like it was written for little kids. Even so, you might go ahead and take a look. There is a lot of good stuff there that you should know if you happened to have missed it on your way to your teenage years. If you are somewhere in-between being a little kid and high school, this book is just right for you.

Three Steps To Success is useful and entertaining for individual young readers. It is best read a few pages at a time, coming back to it for additional tips and suggestions. It has also been used with good outcomes as a focus for discussion in classrooms and youth groups. The teacher or adult leader can bring his or her special perspective and experience to the discussion. Whether children read the book by themselves or as part of a group learning experience, the skills and tools they learn about are just the right mix for their personal success toolbox.