President Trump, I Have A Little Bone To Pick With You

Mr. President, I have just again listened to your victory speech from 2016 from the night you learned that you were the President-elect. You said some very hopeful things in that speech and let us know that you had great plans for our country. You said a couple of things that I think need revisited. You seemed to have promised more than you are delivering, more than you seem to have any intention to deliver. Maybe its just too much to expect, but I think you and I should chat about it.


Okay, I know that’s not going to happen. You are way too busy to have little chats with retired liberals in Ohio. Since I’m not likely to be able to share my concerns with you, I am sharing them with listeners to Personal Point Of View (PPOV). If you happen to have a few minutes to listen, just press play and we can pick that bone together.

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Does President Trump Have A Point?

I have been thinking about doing this episode of PPOV for a while now. The problem was that I seemed to be all thought and no talk. To get past that stuck place, I opened the mike and got started. The start was a little rough but it picked up as I got into talking about what I had just been thinking about.


I had been thinking about tariffs and all of the hoopla they seem to be generating recently. The main generator seems to be President Trump. I also notice that everyone I listen to seems to either be a cheerleader or a critic. The problem I am having is that I hear no shortage of opinion but very little in terms of supporting facts either way.


That’s what I focus on in this episode of PPOV. Have a listen and see if it rings any bells for you.

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Should Roseanne Have Been Fired?

Welcome to the first episode of PPOV: a podcast where Personal Point Of View matters, at least it matters to you and me.


In this initial episode, I discuss the plans for the podcast. My plan is to discuss current events, ideas and concepts, and other notions on which most of us have a personal point of view. Usually this aligns with the popular point of view but sometimes does not.


I like to think about events, ideas, and popular points of view and wonder what it might mean if our ideas, opinions and the popular point of view were wrong. Are there other ways of understanding and thinking about the world around us?


In this episode, I use Roseanne’s getting fired as an example of the approach of the PPOV podcast. Was there a better way of responding to what even Roseanne agrees was a terrible lack of judgment on her part? I think there may have been.


I hope you enjoy this episode and that you choose to join me for future editions of PPOV. Please subscribe and share the podcast with a friend you think may enjoy my rather offbeat way of thinking about things.

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